Selling fake McGill University degree

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Selling  McGill University degree
Selling fake McGill University degree, When I went to McGill University to study dentistry four or five years ago (later I changed my major), there were few Chinese. However, this year's enrollment has increased a lot for unknown reasons, but it may be because French students no longer enjoy the tuition fees of Quebec natives, so the number has been reduced. In addition, due to the decrease in the funding of Macintosh, more high tuition fees for international students are needed to make up for it. As a native of Montreal, I have studied in McGill School of music since I was 15 years old. I have studied in McGill since I was almost 25 years old. I want to share with you some things I have seen in this decade. 1) practice / work integration: the emphasis of duodasheng McGill University is not general education. The undergraduate courses of Arts, science and engineering are very difficult, and most of the teachers do not focus on teaching. Most of them are mainly engaged in research. Teaching is only forced by the school to arrange them. Especially in the Department of science and engineering, universities are almost synonymous with "everyone learns by themselves". Some of McGill's basic courses are even between 700-900 people, and they are very theoretical. The University of Toronto is also a research university, similar to McGill, but at least there are many coop programs (internship semester programs) or compulsory internship courses in other people's universities. The theory is in line with the reality, and it is more convenient to find a job in the future. 2) research opportunities: McGill University is suitable for future research or medical / legal research. There are many opportunities for my personal research on environment and earth science. McGill University has permanent research centers in Panama, the Canadian Arctic, Barbados and Africa. I have been to two of them. Going to the Arctic costs tens of thousands of Canadian dollars, and schools can afford more than half of it. There are not many students who have been doing research since McGill University. The competition is not as fierce as at what university. Most of it is that as long as you are hardworking and willing to work hard, with average results, you can also enter a relatively good research team.

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