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 Purchase Realistic SFU fake degree, buy fake degree in Canada, buy fake diploma from Simon Fraser University, Simon Fraser University, also known as Simon Fraser University, SFU degree, SFU dual degree, SFU master's degree, master's degree in finance from Simon Fraser University, or SFU for short, was founded in 1965 and located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It is named after Explorer Simon Fraser who explores Vancouver area. SFU is the top comprehensive public research university in North America, with HCI, computer science, and business in the forefront of the world. Ranked 179th in QS World University, 16th in QS World University after 50 years of establishment, and 1st in Canadian Comprehensive University of MacLean's magazine in 2017. In the course of more than 50 years, one Pulitzer Prize winner, three Rhodes scholars and 43 academicians of the Royal Academy of Sciences came out of the school. Way university day station and SFU main campus are one of the most important means of transportation for SFU students; line 144 connects the Sperling Burnaby Lake train station and metro train station; line 95 directly connects the Burrard train station, which is located in the center of Vancouver, only one station away from SFU Vancouver sub campus; line 143 connects the burquetlam station bus station. The downtown Vancouver campus is opposite to the waterfront MRT station, while the Surrey campus is located in the central city, adjacent to the Surrey central MRT station. Most Simon Fraser University students live near the campus and take public transport to school every day. The university dormitory can accommodate about 2200 students, three of which were built in 2005.

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