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In 1841 in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, Queen’s University, established in accordance with Queen Victoria’s Royal Charter, was one of Canada’s earliest degree-granting institutions and had a profound impact on Canadian higher education. Queen's University is a medium-scale research-oriented comprehensive university, and has consistently ranked among the top in various basic indicators among Canadian medical and doctoral universities. Its majors cover basic academic and subject areas: the Faculty of Arts and Sciences includes the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences and art-related disciplines; the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Sciences includes the basic fields of engineering disciplines; there is also the Faculty of Health, the School of Law, School of Business, School of Education. Queen's University also has the Bede International Research Centre (BISC) in East Sussex, England. In the energetic academic atmosphere of Queen’s University, high-quality undergraduate teaching and long-standing and innovative graduate courses can be developed in a balanced manner. Queen’s University is known for its dynamic research atmosphere and high-quality scientific research results, and at the same time it is effective with unremitting efforts The measures ensure that students’ learning experience and results are highly recognized by students and parents. In recent years, due to its focus on international development strategies and steadily advancing academic exchanges and cooperation in teaching and research projects with high-quality universities around the world, Queen’s University’s international recognition has also steadily increased.
Queen’s University has 6 networked libraries and is also home to several famous museums and art galleries, including the Agnes Etherington Art Center and its stylish exterior and high-quality internal structural sound design on the shore of Lake Ontario. The Elizabeth Bed Performing Arts Center in one.

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