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In 1989, Laval University moved the School of Architecture to the Quebec Research Institute in Old Quebec. In 1994, the School of Graphic Arts moved to the LaFabrique building in the center of Quebec.
The history of the University of Laval can be traced back to 1663, when the first bishop of New France, the Bishop Francis of Laval, established the Quebec Institute under the authorization of the French King Louis XIV.
Laval campus is one of the most beautiful campuses in Quebec. Covering an area of ​​1.2 hectares, there are more than 30 pavilions on the campus, and the pavilions are connected by an underground passage with a total length of 10km. There are four dormitory buildings with a total of 2,300 rooms. The newly built Alphonse-Desjardin building has become a focal point of architecture students in the campus community.
Laval University is one of Canada’s major universities and ranks among the top ten Canadian universities in the field of scientific research. It has 150,000,000 yuan of scientific research and international cooperation project funds.
Undergraduate Course Major
Actuarial Science, Business Administration, Public Affairs and International Relations, Agricultural Economics, Agronomy, Land and Forest Environment, Anthropology, Archeology, Architecture, Animation Art and Science, Visual Arts, Biochemistry, Bioinformatics, Biology, Chemistry, Music, graphic design, law, mathematical economics, English, physical education and health, mathematics teaching, vocational and technical education, clinical epidemiology, ethnology and heritage, classical studies, literary studies, French as a second language, food engineering, Chemical engineering, civil engineering, mining engineering and mineral processing, electrical engineering, geological engineering, software engineering, mechanical engineering, history, art history, computer science, kinematics, literature and philosophy, mathematics, mathematics and computer science, microbiology, nutrition Science, Pharmacy, Philosophy, Psychology, Marketing, Tourism Management, Archaeology, Molecular Biology, Plant Biology and Ecology
Master's Program
Special education, e-commerce, public affairs and interest representation, implementation and evaluation education, public affairs, agriculture and forestry, ecosystem management, analysis and evaluation, anthropology, architecture, archives, visual arts, internal audit, biochemistry, biology , Plant Biology, Biophotonics, Chemistry, International and Intercultural Communication, Marketing Communication New Media, Public Communication, MBA, Urban Design, Human Resources, International Development and Humanitarian Action, Language Teaching, Business Law, Economics, Music Education , Visual Arts Education, Entrepreneur and Small and Medium Business Management, Applied Ethics, Ethnology and Heritage, Classical Studies, Literary Studies, Accounting, Finance, Public Finance, Aerospace Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Geographic Information, Art History, Computer, Finance Engineering, analytical marketing, food microbiology, educational psychology, community health services
Doctoral Program Major
Perform and evaluate education, public affairs and interest representatives, spatial planning and regional development, anthropology, archaeology, biochemistry, molecular and cell biology, plant biology, biophotonics, public communication, language teaching, education, law, Economics, Music Education, Epidemiology, Ethnology and Heritage, Classical Studies, Literary Studies, Finance and Insurance, Civil Engineering, Mining Engineering and Mineral Processing, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Art History, Computer, Kinematics, Linguistics, Literature And performing arts and screens, medicine, food microbiology, oceanography, philosophy, psychology, educational psychology, animal science

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