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The school was founded in 1982. Fast order Coquitlam College Fake Transcript, buy fake Coquitlam College Transcript, buy Coquitlam College fake diploma, how to buy fake Coquitlam College certificeat, Over the past 20 years, thousands of students trained by Gao Guilin have entered first-class universities. All teachers have professional teacher certificates or master's or doctoral degrees. More than 100 courses are available. Students can obtain diplomas and certificates in business, computer, economics and mathematics. All courses can be transferred to universities in Canada and the United States. Every semester, students have the opportunity to take many examinations in order to achieve the desired results. There are regular examinations in the mid-term and at the end of the term.
geographical position
COQUITLAM COLLEGE is located in the southwest of Coquitlam City, which has a population of more than 90,000 and is in the northeast of Greater Vancouver. A few minutes'walk can reach Lougheed Mall, banks, libraries, post offices, shops and dining rooms. There are public bus stops nearby, which go directly to the districts of Greater Vancouver. Marine climate, summer temperature is about 30 C (June to August). In winter, the average temperature is about 10 degrees Celsius (November-February). The temperature in this area is the warmest in Canada. There are rich and colorful recreational activities for students to watch and participate in. The beautiful scenery and special facilities in this area provide students with various activities beneficial to their body and mind.
Other services
The school facilities include a library and a reading room. The new teaching building with sixteen classrooms opened in January 2002, together with more than twenty classrooms, laboratories, indoor stadiums and small restaurants, has made the school more spacious and comfortable.
Course design
The University Transfer Program offers both college and sophomore American and enlarged disciplines. One-year diploma courses include liberal arts, business administration, computer and science. Two-year Advanced Diploma courses include liberal arts, business management system science.
Except for business administration and management system science, which is taught in January and September, other courses are taught in January, May or September.
English Course
1. English Certificate Course: This course is designed for students who need to improve their English skills. The courses are divided into primary, intermediate, advanced and preparatory courses. Training programs include: dialogue, conversational skills, grammar, international business English, listening, pronunciation, reading comprehension, TOEFL and writing. English courses are enrolled every month, and students can complete and enter the professional learning stage ahead of time according to their abilities.
2. University preparatory courses: for the students who are about to start university courses. In the preparatory course of university, students will receive the highest level of English skills training in order to cope with the challenges facing future university learning. There are eight departments in Gaoguilin College which are responsible for different courses, such as business and economics department, computer science and technology department, art and modern language department, mathematics and statistics department, science department and College English. Departments, English Departments (for students whose mother tongue is not English) and the Ministry of Higher Education.
Diploma and Certificate Courses
Students can obtain first and second grade credits and continue to pursue university degrees at comprehensive universities in the United States and Canada. The course has three directions: liberal arts, science and business. Take business as an example. The courses that need further study are accounting, economics, mathematics, English, statistics, computer and other elective subjects. Certificates will be obtained after completing the first year of the course, and diplomas will be obtained after the completion of the two-year course.
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At the same time, students can obtain certificates (one year) or diplomas (two years) in business, computer, liberal arts, economics or mathematics from time to time. With all certificates and diplomas, you can continue to study for a university degree at a comprehensive university in the United States, Canada or other countries.

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