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Do you need a fake Hong Kong driving license, buy fake certificate online, The driving licence for Hong Kong is issued by the Transport Department. The official driving license is valid for 10 years and is a compulsory course for driving a car. Most driver's licenses are issued after the applicant has passed the driving test for the corresponding type of vehicle.
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Carrying a P-plate at the front and back of the vehicle
Limited to 70 km/h, even if the speed limit of the road is greater
Can not use the right lane on a motorway with 3 lanes or more, except when exiting on the right
Can not carry a passenger on a motorcycle.
Light goods vehicles driver are exempt from this scheme and can apply for a full licence after passing the test if he/she is considered an "experienced driver", ie have already held the full private car driving licence for 3 years, or 2 years after Converting from a probationary licence, immediately before the application.
A probationary licence is valid for 1 year when first applied, and can be renewed by half a year if the probationary period is not yet over a a certain class of vehicle.

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