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fake UWO Degree
When it comes to popularity, we must talk about BMOS.  University of Western Ontario fake degree, buy fake UWO Degree, The full name of BMOS is Bachelor of Management and Organizational Studies. BMOS can be said to be the characteristic degree of Xi'an University of Ontario.
Students can choose Accounting, Consumer Behavior, Finance, Human Resource Management and so on in this department.
Accounting, Consumer Behavior
Finance, Human Resource Management
For the junior students with high grades, they can provide internship opportunities to make it easier for them to find jobs after graduation.
This degree is a professional degree, which pays more attention to practical operation ability.
Application for Research:
This degree can be regarded as a low-matched MBA, so if you want to apply for graduate students, it is more recommended to apply for non-business graduate students. For example, law (JD) is a better choice.
These majors actually belong to the social science category, so they share social science building with the students of social science.
Major in:
The first-year courses will cover the basic courses of the above four majors, but at the same time, after sophomore year, they will concentrate on learning the contents of one of the majors.
Course size:
Most freshman courses are large courses (300-400 students).
Employment direction:
Business Administration, HR, Labor Relations, Financial Services Industry, Accounting, Financial Departments of Various Institutions, etc.
University of Western Ontario: Apart from Ivey Business School, what other subjects are worth studying?
(Media, Information & Technoculture)
Another major that Western is better known for is MIT, but it's not MIT, but it's also a place where bulls gather.
Number of students:
The enrollment is limited to about 250 students.
Course Content: Although MIT provides students with a wide range of knowledge, skills and knowledge, it is not designed as a training course in advertising, media production or public relations. Students in this major will receive a solid interdisciplinary education, which will contribute to professional work in the media industry, information management or other related fields. It also provides the necessary background for graduate work in media research, communication and other disciplines.
The School Affiliated to this major has been successful in all three Canadian Federal Authorized Agencies over the past five years, demonstrating the breadth of disciplines, theories and methodologies of research. The main research fields include: political economy of media, information and technology, cultural industry and institutions, communication, consumption and culture, social construction and use of media and information, etc. Research is well developed.
The major is in a FIMS & Nursing Building, which was put into use only in 2017. The building is surrounded by large windows and looks very tall. The 130,000 square foot building is located at the corner of Huron Drive and Lambton Drive.
The space includes a media studio, a flexible space, an expanded FIMS graduate library, and a public area for collection, learning and interaction, as well as seating and rest areas for students.
University of Western Ontario: Apart from Ivey Business School, what other subjects are worth studying?
(under Arts & Humanities)
Philosophical employment needs less, but schools will also provide students with corresponding internships. Schools provide data: 92% of students find jobs within six months after graduation. Employment Directions: Editors, Education, International Relations, Journalists, Policy Analysts, Psychologists, etc.

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