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The university is divided into the following four teaching departments:
Business school
Ministry of Education, Humanities and Science Teaching
Media, Art and Communication Teaching Department
Sports, Health and Social Care Teaching Department
The university offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses. In addition, Cheltenham International Language Centre also offers many English language courses to help international students lay a solid foundation for further education in the UK. The center also offers French and Spanish courses.
Undergraduate course
Undergraduate courses implement unit teaching. These unit courses cover multiple professional subjects, and some units are required courses. An honorary degree usually consists of a total of 26 unit courses at three levels. Accounting and financial management, marketing management research, and digital film production are all popular undergraduate majors. The university also offers preparatory degree and national higher education diploma professional courses, and the general undergraduate major is three years. If industry internships are included, it is four years.
Graduate courses
The university offers many lecture-style graduate courses, granting professional degrees in law, computer science, business administration, and journalism. Usually graduate courses are divided into three stages-graduate certificate (60 credits), graduate diploma (120 credits) and Master of Arts, Master of Science, Master of Education or Master of Business Administration (180 credits) degrees. Only after obtaining the predetermined credits, can you complete each level of study. Most graduate courses are one-year courses.

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