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Buy a fake Université d'Amiens degree, fake Université d'Amiens diploma. How to get a fake Université d'Amiens degree. Where to buy a Université d'Amiens diploma and transcript. Order a Université d'Amiens degree, purchase a fake Université d'Amiens diploma. The University of Amiens (Université de Picardie Jules Verne), the full name of Picardie Jules Verne, was formerly several independent schools. In 1968, it merged into the University of Amiens. In 1991, it formally adopted the "Picardie Jules Verne". "Le Verne" is the name of the school. This is a key French public university with multiple colleges and multiple disciplines. The current principal is Mohammed Benlahsen.

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The University of Amiens has branches in 6 cities in the Picardy region and currently has more than 23,000 students. Most of the colleges are concentrated in Amiens, including: "Comprehensive College"; "School of Economics and Management"; "Academy of Sciences"; "School of Medicine"; "School of Art"; "Education Center". Discipline. Majors are roughly divided into: humanities, human sociology, law and politics, economics and management, sports, art, medicine. Since the 19th century, thanks to the Somme River that passes through the city, Amiens has been known as "Little Venice", attracting science fiction writers who have "traveled around the earth in 80 days" and "20,000 miles under the sea" Jules Verne settled here, because of his life's outstanding achievements, the University of Amiens was also named after Verne.

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