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Domestic University Ranking
The 2014 Macquarie University Rankings in Canada 15
Global University Network (4ICU) National University Rankings 26th
9th in the comprehensive ranking of Macleans University in Canada
The University of Sherbrooke was established in 1954 and is located in Sherbrooke, Quebec.
School history
Established in 1954, the school is one of Canada’s well-known public comprehensive universities. It was once named the best college in 1998.
Campus Environment
Universite de Sherbrooke is small, but open-minded. An annual investment of 12 million Canadian dollars is used for this construction.
School characteristics
Brock University is known for its focus on group research and small class teaching. Students can work with outstanding professors to conduct various research on campus, many of which have won international praise.
The University of Sherbrooke has 9 departments, the School of Art, the School of Business Administration, the School of Law, the School of Business, the School of Education, the School of Medicine, the School of Science, the School of Applied Management and the School of Sports.
Teaching characteristics
The University of Sherbrooke has more than 30 research centers, including biochemistry, biomedicine, and biotechnology research and application. The center also provides substantial benefits for the school. The school attaches great importance to practical courses, and more than 4,000 students participate in internship projects of more than 1,000 companies every year.

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