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In 2012, the main campus of the University of Connecticut was still located in Storrs, covering 4104 acres. The university has 13 colleges, namely: School of Agriculture and Natural Resources, School of Business, School of Dentistry, School of Education, School of Engineering, School of Fine Arts, School of Law, School of Humanities and Sciences, School of Medicine, School of Nursing, School of Pharmacy, School of Agriculture , School of Social Work. Among them, 10 colleges are located on the main campus, the School of Law and Social Work is located in Hartford, the capital of the state, the School of Medicine and Dentistry is located in Farmington, and 5 campuses are located in multiple cities in the state. . The university has a total of 101 undergraduate majors and 80 research directions.
The University of Connecticut is a research-focused school and one of the Type I research-oriented public universities designated by the Carnegie Foundation. In addition to faculties, the university also has more than 70 research centers. Among the 23,000 students, there are nearly 7,000 graduate students. people. The University of Connecticut has strong teaching and research capabilities. It has been rated as the best university in New England for eleven consecutive years. The number of freshman applications received each year has doubled from ten years ago. The University of Connecticut is injecting funds from the state government to vigorously develop the school's hardware facilities, constructing a number of new buildings and academic facilities, and planning to build a university town centered on it. In 1995, the Connecticut state government passed a $1 billion budget plan to support the development of Uconn in the next ten years. An additional $1.3 billion was adopted by the state government in 2002 and began to be invested in the development of UConn. The total investment of US$2.3 billion accounted for the vast majority of the state government’s funding support for public universities. This plan is also called the UConn of the 21st Century, which shows the status of UConn in the state. In 2013, the Connecticut government launched the "New Generation of Connecticut" program, giving the University of Connecticut US$1.5 billion in funding in the next ten years to further improve the school's science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

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