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The University of Melbourne degree sample
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The University of Melbourne's 11 colleges and Melbourne Business School and Victoria College offer a first class, vibrant learning environment. The main courses include: Architecture, Architecture and Design, Humanities, Economics and Business, Education, Engineering, Land and Food Resources Research. Law, Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences, Music, Science and Veterinary Medicine. The University of Melbourne teaches and learns in multimedia classrooms, using new technologies and multimedia materials developed by the University of Melbourne's own teachers.
The University of Melbourne is a founding member of 21 University (21 University Group), which is known for its teaching and research.
The University of Melbourne is Australia's second largest research institution after the Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization and one of the largest government sponsored by the Australian government (2011 sponsoring A$117.3 million and 2012 A$190 million). The University of Melbourne emphasizes students' comprehensive skills in academic achievement and personality development and strives to create a unique “Melbourne Experience” (Melbourne Experience) for students.

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