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The University of Hong Kong diploma
Buy fake diploma Hong Kong, University of Hong Kong degree, buy college diploma, buy fake college diploma online, The University of Hong Kong is the first university in Hong Kong. It was formed by the merger of the Hong Kong Western Medical College and the Hong Kong Government Technical College established in 1887. It was formally established in Hong Kong Island in 1911. Mr. Sun Yat-sen, the founder of the Republic of China, is the first graduate of the Western Medical College of Hong Kong. At that time, Western powers rushed to establish a university in China. At that time, Mayor Luke believed that Britain also needed to set up a university in Hong Kong, one to compete with other big countries, and the other to let Chinese people (especially Hong Kong people) agree with British values ​​in order to counter the cultural concepts of other big powers, the United Kingdom.  buy fake college diplomas, buy fake college diplomas, buy fake diplomas online, buy fake high school diplomas, It is easy to expand its influence on South China and consolidate its governance in Hong Kong. The governor of the Qing government and the province, the Hong Kong business community also believes that the establishment of a university will help Chinese people learn Western technology and make China self-reliant, acquiescence and support. Many Chinese crew members were killed or injured after an industrial accident at a cargo ship owned by the Taikoo Group. The management is eager to mend the company's image and donate money to help establish the University of Hong Kong. With the support of the British government and other British capitals such as HSBC, Ruby eventually raised enough funds to establish a university and held the groundbreaking ceremony of the university on March 16, 1910. 
In 1911, the University of Hong Kong was established and a formal school ceremony was held in 1912. In Luji's view that Chinese society is not suitable for Western humanities at the time (such as the concept of communism), the university initially imitated the University of Liverpool system, focusing on work and light humanities, so there are only three universities: medical school, engineering school and liberal arts college. There are no humanities courses such as sociology and philosophy.

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