Eight details tell you why American higher education leads the world

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Detail 1:
When I first attended lectures at Northeastern University, MIT, Harvard University, and Tufts University, I always felt that American university teachers were much easier in class than Chinese university teachers.
They don't actually teach much in class, and they always give lots of class time to students in the form of group discussions, topic presentations, and case presentations. Later, after listening to the class for a long time, I gradually felt the mystery.

Second, the academic "pressure pack" hidden in the details
A while ago, a netizen pointed out that a popular blog post on the Internet, "Where to Harvard, you will know where the gap between Chinese universities is," has many exaggerations and points, and pointed out that it is quite visual and emotional. The impact of the photo "The Harvard University Library at 4 am packed in the morning" is not in the library at Harvard.

Detail 2: Course Plan - "Contract Order" between teachers and students
In the first class of American universities, each classmate will get a teaching plan for the course. The form describes in detail the course objectives, assessment methods and scoring rules, the teaching content of each class, and related Read the bibliography or reference website, the teacher will also give a detailed explanation in the class.
Once students have confirmed that they take this course, they must follow the rules in the instructional schedule. At the same time, the teacher will score the usual homework, class discussion and class work in time according to the requirements in the schedule. If a student’s usual score during the class is too low, he will also receive the teacher’s “
yellow card warning”.

Detail 3: After-school reading, classroom discussion, quantitative scoring - daily learning of "stress mountain"
American university teachers generally specify the reading content and even the number of pages in each class before class. Students should face a large number of professional book reading tasks and daily homework during class. If they do not complete the prescribed tasks before class, they will not only discuss in class. When faced with huge embarrassment, it will greatly affect the results of the class.

yellow card warning

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