The significance of university education

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Is university education necessary for the future of young people? Many people have such doubts. If it is limited to doing business, I don't think this kind of education is necessary. What business needs is a spirit of dedication and hard work. In fact, for many young people, they were sent to college by their parents when they should cultivate a spirit of hard work. Entering college means starting the most enjoyable and fastest time of his life. When he walked out of school, young people were in the golden age of life, but at this moment they often have difficulty concentrating their bodies and minds on their work, and as a result they watched the chances of success slip away from their side.
Personal achievement does not depend on the university's academic performance, nor on the IQ of the infant and child, but has a greater relationship with the character formation of the growth process. Completely based on the knowledge gained in books, it does not guarantee the success of a person's life. A celebrity once said: "The purpose of reading is not in itself, but in a kind of wisdom beyond the book, which can only be obtained through careful observation." This is the truth.

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