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The University of Bremen was formerly known as the Bremen School of Latin America in 1584. 1610 became a professor of law, medicine, philosophy of specialized universities, until the end of the 18th century. In 1810, in 1811 in the era of Napoleon called the University of Bremen in France. In 1948 changed to Bremen International University. In 1971 as a modified university officially changed its name to Bremen University, Germany has become the most disciplines, research institutions, one of the most comprehensive institutions of higher learning. In 2012, the University of Bremen became one of 11 German elite universities. Bremen University belongs to the new university in the ranks of the German universities, but its development is not inferior to other old comprehensive universities, at least in Bremen city confederation it is the largest and most comprehensive institutions of higher learning. University of Bremen, not only has a permanent English and American academic system of a single or a number of bachelor's degree, buy The University of Bremen degree, buy a degree in German, buy fake The University of Bremen degree, how to buy degree? buy diploma, buy a The University of Bremen diploma, buy fake diploma, how to buy diploma? both text and rational; also has a master's degree, but also text and reason and; In addition, the original German academic system of traditional master's degree, Especially the traditional German colleges and universities recognized the pure technology strengths: medicine, architecture and theory still only provide traditional master's degree system, which shows Bremen University in the new era of education trajectory, the same emphasis on maintaining the tradition of localization. 

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