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Multiple studies have shown adequate sleep for college-age students is about eight hours a night, yet as many as 70 percent of college students don’t get that much shuteye.

Experts and students agree the trend is not good — and there’s plenty of research to back up that claim. In response, some institutions are putting sleep on the curriculum with classes designed to teach students the basic neuroscience behind sleep and how it affects both physical and mental functions of our well being in our daily lives. It’s a growing trend that includes the University of Missouri, Stanford University, and New York fake diploma in London,buy fake degree in Manchester


While some of the classes are recent — NYU first started offering their sleep course in 2012 — others are older. Stanford’s course, “Sleep and Dreams,” was one of the first of its kind in the country and has been offered since fake certificate in Manchester,buy fake transcript in Sheffield.

Students want to learn about sleep

“Sleep behavior is inherently interesting. Students want to learn about it — even though they do it every night, it’s a mystery to them,” said Dennis Miller, an associate professor in the department of psychological sciences at the University of Missouri who teaches a course called “Sleep and Sleep Disorders.” “Students learn a lot about themselves through the class; they gain insight into their own sleep behavior and about managing their daily lives better.”buy fake diploma in Cardiff,buy fake degree in Bristol.

Missouri offers the sleep class as an online course to any undergraduate student enrolled at the school and students enrolled in one of the university’s web-based Mizzou Online degree programs. The course is designed to teach students about the science of sleep, as well as its applications to students’ daily lives, Miller explained. Students learn what happens to the brain and the body when we sleep, what common sleep disorders are, and how sleep disorders are managed and fake degree in Newcastle,buy fake diploma in Leeds.

Students learn about sleep science, hygiene, evolution, and dreams


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