Teacher Tenure Is Challenged Again in a buy fake certificate

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Opening a new front in the assault on teacher tenure, a group of parents backed by wealthy philanthropists served notice to defendants on Wednesday in a lawsuit challenging Minnesota’s job protections for teachers, as well as the state’s rules governing which teachers are laid off as a result of budget cuts.buy fake degree,buy fake diploma,buy fake certificate,buy fake transcript.
Similar to cases in California and New York, the plaintiffs, who are filing the lawsuit in district court in Ramsey County in St. Paul, argue that the state’s tenure and layoff laws disproportionately harm poor, minority children because, they say, the most ineffective teachers are more likely to be assigned to public schools with high concentrations of those children.buy fake transcript in Houston,buy fake degree in LA
In the lawsuit, parents of children in public schools across Minnesota argue that the state’s tenure laws, which grant teachers job protections after three years on the job, deprive students of “their fundamental right to a thorough and efficient education” under the state’s Constitution. The suit also argues that state laws that protect the most veteran teachers in the event of layoffs can result in better teachers losing their jobs simply because they have fewer years in the classroom.buy fake degree,buy fake diploma,buy fake certificate,buy fake transcript.
As in California and New York, the suit is likely to be fought fiercely by teachers’ unions and other groups that say teacher job protections do not cause educational inequity or lead to underperformers remaining in the classroom.
“Lawsuits like this stymie the real work that this lawsuit says it wants to do: growing and nurturing a great teaching force,” said Randi Weingarten, the president of the American Federation of Teachers, the country’s second-largest teachers’ union. “That happens by recruiting, mentoring, supporting and retaining teachers, not firing them.”
She added, “Stripping teachers of workplace protections will harm, not help, those students most at risk.”buy fake degree,buy fake diploma,buy fake certificate,buy fake transcript.
And at a time of teacher shortages in some parts of the country, advocates of tenure say it is one of the few incentives that districts can offer when recruiting educators or persuading them to stay.buy fake certificate in Atlanta,buy fake transcript in San Francisco.
Opponents of such litigation also say public schools have more pressing problems than tenure protections, like inequitable funding, insufficient preparation for new teachers and a lack of coordinated support for children who face myriad challenges as a result of poverty.
“Minnesota has some of the most hard-working and talented teachers in the nation, and we are committed to ensuring every student has a dedicated and competent teacher,” said Brenda Cassellius, Minnesota’s commissioner of education.
“We also have rigorous laws that protect due process for teachers and that, when followed, provide school administrators and school boards with the authority to remove teachers. We are reviewing the lawsuit, and are unable to comment further until that review is complete.”buy fake degree,buy fake diploma,buy fake certificate,buy fake transcript.

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