Northern Illinois University (NIU)-old university in USA.

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Northern Illinois University (NIU) is a public school located in Deakal, Illinois, USA, governed by Illinois Governor John Peter Ortegaard on May 22, 1895 set up. Northern Illinois University is a four-year public university, founded in 1895, has a century of history. A total of six undergraduate colleges and two research institutes, professional business, engineering and science as the best. According to the annual book of America's Best Colleges 1995, students take the most disciplines, including business management (17%), social science (15%), education (9%), health sciences (8%), mass communication ). 10,706 people enrolled in the previous year or two, a total of 7,291 people were admitted. "US News and World Report" as four national universities, academic reputation ranked No. 83 worldwide. Northern Illinois University (NIU)-old university in USA. make American university fake diploma, make USA university fake degree, buy American university fake certificate, make USA university fake certificate, Northern Illinois University is well-known traditional accounting strong school, in 2010 the Public Accounting Report (PAR, the most authoritative public accounting report), fake USA university  transcript, buy American university degree, make USA university diploma, make American university degree, undergraduate accounting ranking eighth in the United States, Master of accounting MAS tenth, the school year to more than UIUC CPA pass rate (95%) proud.

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