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Recently US. NEWS  count out of Europe's top ten world-class university, everyone who want to go to Europe to study abroad can refer to the list to choose the school.

No.1 Oxford University
Oxford University is located in the city of Oxford, is the oldest university in the english-speaking world, one of the world's top ten universities, not only with advanced world famous academic research, more is known for its beautiful city ocean, enjoying high reputation in the world. While at the university of Oxford, the exact date is still not clear, but its history can be traced back to about 12 century, nine century so far.

No.2 Cambridge University
Cambridge university was founded in 1209, the first is by a group to avoid fight and escape from Oxford University teacher, king Henry iii teaching monopoly in Cambridge, awarded in 1231. At the university of Cambridge and Oxford along as two of the best universities in UK, because the two oldest university in the school-running mode are similar in many respects, such as, reason often is referred to as the "Oxbridge", 90 Nobel laureate since school (coached the number of actual here to work or school may be more, have more than 100.

No.3 Imperial college, London

At London's imperial college, founded in 1907, is a top of the world's most prestigious universities. Imperial college was the federal institute of university, university of London, a join, in July 2007, in the testimony of Britain's queen Elizabeth ii, formal independence from London university became a university, hereinafter referred to as "imperial".

Imperial college has about 2800 researchers, 53, a member of the Royal Society , 57, Royal Academy of Engineering academician, including the department of mechanical Engineering professor jian-guo Lin in China. At the same time, a member of the imperial past, there are 14 Nobel and 2 c. prize winner. 2004-5 year, the total number of 11152 students, including international students (non-eu) accounts for about 26.5%.

No.4 University college London

University college London, is the oldest college, university of London's largest was founded in 1826, is the rival Cambridge and Oxford, called the "golden triangle" of Britain, and the first accepted women, ethnic minorities in colleges and universities. At the university of London is located in the centre of the UK, near the British museum and the British library, transportation is very convenient and can easily reach the UK and all parts of the world.

No.5 Eth Zurich university

The federal institute of technology in Zurich, founded in 1854, by the Swiss government direct management. Until 1969, when she is still the only Switzerland international universities. Today, it is the number of students has reached 14116 people, and be with the federal institute of technology in lausanne, Switzerland's biggest scientific research institute.

The school has 83 research institute and laboratory, 83 professors and nearly 840 scholars. A quarter of the teacher staff is ms. Every year, there are about 1250 students can be awarded bachelor's or master's degree. In addition, each year in eth Zurich completed more than 530 doctoral dissertations.

No.6 University of Heidelberg

Heidelberg university founded in 1386, Heidelberg university is the oldest university in Germany, and German the holy Roman empire after Prague and Vienna to open the third university. The latter half of the 16th century, Heidelberg university became the center of the European science and culture. By 2013, a total of 29000 students attend the university of Heidelberg, teaching and scientific research team of more than 5000 people, with about 420 people, professor.

Heidelberg university is a science based comprehensive university, with 18 colleges and scientific research and teaching institutions directly under five.

No.7 The university of Edinburgh
Founded in 1583. Is one of the six Great Britain's oldest and largest universities. University of Edinburgh  both cherish old glory, and in today's constantly pursuit and innovation, with its excellent and diversity of teaching and research and is famous in The world. University of Edinburgh old school and new school two parts. Old college is now law with the European institute of college is located. Near McEwan hall was established in 1583. Is one of the six Great Britain's oldest and largest universities. At the university of Edinburgh both cherish the old honor, and in today's constantly pursuit and innovation, with its excellent and diversity of teaching and research and is famous in the world.

No.8 the university of leuven
University of leuven, one of the best university in the world today. Nearly 100 years, it has always been the top 20. Nearly 50 years ranked in the 17th or so. It as an international oriented university, university of leuven, inherited a century to the tradition of hospitality. Thanks to the university of close cooperation and communication between students and teacher, at the university of leuven greatly promoted the European and world culture and the development of science and the spread of knowledge. Now at the university of leuven in world famous universities rankings for 17 (also some institutions will it was ranked 16th), in Belgium, and even the entire European academia has absolute authority.

No.9 University of Paris sixth
6 university in Paris, also called Pierre and Marie Curie university  is a French university, located in downtown Paris, Latin quarter, Paris is the institute of science and science teachers in university of Paris, the successor. The school has about 30000 students, only science is the only a French public university. The school has more than 180 laboratories, the vast majority of laboratory has cooperative relations with France's national centre for scientific research.

No.10 The university of Munich
Munich university (LMU) is the only comprehensive university in Munich, full name - Ludwig Maximilian university in Munich, German: Ludwig Maximilians - Universiti T Munchen. Located in the southern German Bavarian capital, Munich, was founded in 1472, is one of Europe's oldest university. University of Munich in October 2006 was selected as one of the first three elite universities in Germany.

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