13 highest graduates employment rate universities in British

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Bussiness insider released 13 highest  British graduates employment rate universities, choose to study in the UK and ready to work in the UK students can study together.

1.St George's college, London university
Relative to other institutions, a small number of students they have about 5000 trained health science education of the students, which makes them the highest employment rate in the UK.

2. Imperial college, London
Has the world's best science, math, engineering, basic subjects, also should have the most cutting-edge medical institutions.

3. The university of Cambridge
Like its rival Oxford, it is one of the most difficult university to enter in the world. Policy and subject to strict interview is famous for its high performance requirements.

4. The university of Oxford
This is one of the best university in the world, good at any discipline subjects from English literature to politics.

5. University of Birmingham
Birmingham dental professional ranked first in the country, and has a strong research capacity.

6. King's college London
From the law to medicine, king's college London in a range of disciplines have remarkable strength. It has 12 Nobel prize-winning alumni.

7. The university of Bath
The university of bath, is a scientific research as the guide of the country's top universities, scientific research strength is rated the world's leading.

8. The university of Sussex
Located in the UK's most dynamic cities near Brighton beach, there are more than 500 undergraduate and graduate courses and degree, and at the same time, also known as one of Britain's 20 research-oriented universities.

9. Durham university
The world's top universities, one of Britain's top universities, has enjoyed high reputation in the UK and the world.

10. Loughborough university
Loughborough university is located in leicester loughborough one of the country's top universities, the world-class university.

11.Buckingham university
Is the only a private independent UK university, founded in 1976 in buckingham university college name.

12.The university of st Andrews
Prince William and Kate princess attended in, is famous for its excellent art and science.

13. University college London
In London, England, is a world famous top universities, for the top academic reputation comprehensive research university.

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