The transcript of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, ICAI certificate

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A person over 21 years old can become a chartered accountant through the following steps
   1. Pass 10 classroom exams.
  2, register with ICAI's CPT
   3. Pass the CPT exam.
  4. After passing the second stage exam (two additional exams after 10 exams) and CPA, register to participate
   --Three and a half years of vocational training
   --Vocational Skills Course
   --Information Technology Training
  5. You can apply to become a PCE after completing 100 hours of information technology training.
   6. Apply for PCE after completing 18 months of vocational training. The PCE includes two three-paper exams each.
  7. After completing 18 months of vocational training and PCE, participate in General Management & Communication Skills (GMCS) learning.
   8. You can apply for the final exam after passing the PCE and finishing the 3 and a half years of vocational training.
   9. The final exam consists of 2 courses, each with 4 paper test papers.
   10. Register as an ICAI member and choose whether to practice alone or become an employee.

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