How to buy fake IELTS Certificate?

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How to buy fake IELTS Certificate?
Who is the right person to use IELTS certificate?
1. Study abroad
With the continuous development of society and the increasing competition in society, buy fake IELTS certificate,  many people will choose to go abroad for further study, so that they will have their own place to return to China. So as long as you want to study abroad, IELTS test is suitable for you. Moreover, if you want to study abroad, whether you are a high school student or a college student, IELTS test is ours. The threshold of Taoist language testing.
2. Immigration
In addition to studying abroad, some people may want to go abroad to immigrate or work, so the problem is, as your mother tongue is not English, go abroad, how to communicate? You can't always mix up in Chinese Street, so IELTS is also suitable for those who are going to emigrate or work abroad.
At this time, some people have doubts: I neither go abroad nor emigrate or work abroad, so IELTS test is useless? In other words, is IELTS only suitable for studying or immigrating? The answer is No. Then let's look at the third point:
3. Is IELTS only suitable for overseas study or immigration?
As we mentioned earlier, IELTS has other uses besides going abroad. That is to say, even if you don't go abroad, you are also suitable for IELTS.
1. IELTS Achievements Help Career Development
According to the recruitment information released by the Ministry of Commerce in 2019, IELTS scores have been used as an important reference to measure the English level of candidates. More than 400 positions with IELTS and TOEFL scores have been recognized, and the positions are widely distributed in various employing units. In other words, IELTS is indispensable if you want to have a good job.
What are the requirements for the English proficiency of the candidates?
Answer: (1) One position in English: Grade 8 is qualified (Grade 4 is good for undergraduates), or English Band 6 550 or above, or IELTS 7 or above, or New TOEFL 105 or above, skilled in handling foreign affairs in English, competent in Chinese and English interpretation and translation;
(2) Two positions in English: CET-6 500 or above, IELTS 6.5 or above, or the new TOEFL 95 or above, skilled in English to handle foreign affairs, competent for economic and trade negotiations;
(3) Three positions in English: English CET-6 425 or above, IELTS 6 or above, or new TOEFL 85 or above;
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