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Buy a fake Henri Poincaré University degree, fake Henri Poincaré University diploma. How to get a fake Henri Poincaré University degree. Where to buy a Henri Poincaré University diploma and transcript. Order a Henri Poincaré University degree, purchase a fake Henri Poincaré University diploma. Henry Boangara-The First University of Nancy (Nancy First University) was established in 1970; it is a multidisciplinary university with science, technology, and medical and health as its main fields. It can provide the following disciplines Of more than 200 national diploma courses: information and communication science and technology, material and material science, earth science, biology and environment, technology, engineering, biology and medical health-especially medicine, pharmacy, dental surgery and various affiliates Medical professional courses, etc. The main campus of Nancy First University is in Nancy, but it also has branches in other parts of the Lorraine region; the school has a total of 2500 teachers-researchers and administrative technicians, 18,500 students, of which 10% are foreign students , From 86 different countries.
Nancy First University has 5 colleges (School of Science, School of Medicine, School of Pharmacy, School of Dentistry and Surgery and School of Sports), 3 University Institutes of Technology (IUT) and 3 Engineering Colleges. Buy fake degree in France, fake Master diploma in France. Get Bachelor degree online, obtain a fake France Doctor degree. How to buy a fake degree from France. Where can I get a fake certificate in France. In addition, there are 45 more Research laboratories recognized by the qualification label, most of which are related to large national research institutions (such as: French National Research Center [CNRS], National Institute of Health and Medical Research [INSERM], National Institute of Agronomy [INRA], National Computer and Automatic Device Institute [INRIA] etc.) have a cooperative relationship. The school's emphasis on scientific research provides an environment conducive to ensuring the quality of professional education.
Each campus of Nancy First University has various service facilities for students to use in order to provide students with various teaching and technical tools needed for academic and professional integration, such as: 3 university libraries and professional information centers , Multimedia Room and Language Laboratory, College Student Life Office, Service Center, Sports Association, Science and Technology Cultural Center, Information and Orientation Guidance Center, etc. In addition, CROUS (Regional University and School Affairs Management Center) has an institution in Nancy City to work hard to improve student housing and meals; the establishment of the European University Center can ensure the best reception for foreign students.
The First University of Nancy makes full use of its special geographical location in the center of Europe and borders many countries to vigorously develop cross-border cooperation with partners in Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg. The school actively participates in the creation of the three-diploma integrated curriculum, and adopts active European cooperation policies through various forms such as bilateral agreements, mutual recognition of teaching and academic qualifications, and student mobility (Campus Europae, Erasmus, Socrates, etc.). Nancy First University also applies its cross-border cooperation experience to wider international cooperation, especially its relations with Asia, Africa and the Middle East, and the North American continent. The school has signed nearly 100 cooperation agreements with 21 different countries in the world

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