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Buy a fake CELTA certificate How to get a fake CELTA certificate. Where to buy the fake CELTA certificatea and transcript. Order a CELTA certificate, purchase a fake CELTA certificate. To obtain a CELTA certificate, candidates must first study the CELTA course. The course is divided into full-time (usually four weeks) or part-time. (Currently, the only authorized school in Beijing, Language Link China, only offers full-time courses.)
The study of this course is mainly divided into five contents:
* Background relationship between learners and teachers, teaching and learning
* Language analysis and language awareness
* Language skills (listening, speaking, reading, writing)
* Prepare lessons and use different teaching resources
* Teaching skills and career development

CELTA does not set up a unified written examination for completion, and the entire course of learning is the process of assessing candidates. The assessment of the course is carried out by the trainers and examiners authorized and certified by the ESOL Examination Department of the Cambridge University Examination Board. The student's assessment results include the following two aspects:
Teaching practice
Candidates have to complete six hours of teaching tasks and teach two classes with different language levels. The assessment results depend on the candidate's overall performance in the six-hour teaching period.
Teaching report
Candidates are required to complete four reports, with topics on adult learning, English language system, language skills and classroom teaching.
Candidates' scores are divided into three levels: "Pass", "Pass B" and "Pass A".
Test object
* Foreigners who want to engage in English language teaching
For those with less teaching experience, the CELTA certificate is a “passport” for overseas English teaching. The CELTA course can provide a solid foundation for their language teaching practice.
* People who want to change their career direction or break through the career bottleneck
More and more CELTA certificate candidates were once professionals of a certain profession. Some of them hope to seek new career opportunities, while others want to obtain opportunities for teaching and living overseas.
* People who have been engaged in English teaching but have not yet obtained professional qualifications
For teachers who have not received formal training, the CELTA certificate can help them improve their teaching skills, prompt them to obtain internal promotions or find better teaching jobs.
* Those who want to pursue continuing, adult and community education in England and Wales
According to the relevant regulations of the British government, if you want to engage in English teaching in England and Wales, you must have a CELTA certificate.

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