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FOM University not only awards a formal German University Diploma, but also awards an international Bachelor degree and Master degree.
FOM University offers the following degree programs and awards corresponding degrees:
Bachelor of Arts
Business management
Banking and finance
Health and public administration
International management
Tax lawBachelor of Laws Economic Law
Bachelor of Science Economic Information Technology
Bachelor of Engineering
Engineering (cooperating with Bochum University of Applied Sciences)
Master of Arts
Management (accounting and finance)
Human Resources
Information technology management
Marketing and communication
Management (Marketing and Sales)
Public management
Master of Laws
conomic lawMaster of Business Administration (MBA)
In 2006, a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in business administration were recognized by FIBAA, Germany's highest bachelor's degree accreditation body.
The diplomas awarded by FOM University are officially recognized by the German government. In 2006, the Bachelor's degree and Master of Business Administration were successfully accredited by the FIBAA International Business Management Curriculum Assessment Foundation, one of the highest degree accredited institutions in Germany. In addition, FOM University was accredited by the German Science Federation of Wissenschaftsrat, Germany's highest academic certification body, in 2004 as an applied science

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