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At present, the school is divided into three campuses: the central campus is located on Will Leslie Road in downtown Auckland, the north shore campus is located in Aklang on the northern waterfront of Auckland City, and the southern campus is located in Manuka, south of Auckland. Aklanger is only 10 kilometers away from the city center, and there are buses between the three branch schools to pick up and drop off students every 20 minutes. As of 2013, there are 27,299 students at Auckland University of Technology, of which about 3,101 are international students from 52 countries. The majors offered by Auckland University of Technology include business, applied arts, science and engineering, health studies, etc. It can provide students with a wide range of certificate and diploma courses to facilitate students' employment. It can also provide bachelor's degree, master's degree and doctoral degree courses. The university adopts a teaching model that combines small-class tutoring and large-class teaching. On average, there are only 16 students in each tutoring class, so that every student can be well taken care of.
Auckland University of Technology has many departments or colleges in business, law, art, health care, engineering, media, hotel management, language and culture, and science and technology. Auckland University of Technology has strong faculty, with lecturers and professors from all over the world. Most have years of relevant industry and teaching experience, and many have been teaching in other universities around the world for many years. Auckland University of Technology also regularly invites professors, scholars and industry leaders from other famous universities around the world to come to lecture and give lectures. At the same time, some professors from Auckland University of Technology will also go to other well-known universities such as Cambridge University in the form of visiting professors and teaching exchanges. Therefore, the school's prospects are very promising.
AUT University promotes itself as an innovative approach to teaching, learning and research. In particular, it provides a step-by-step "real world" approach, pursuing excellence in learning, teaching and developing outstanding graduates' practical ability in their field. AUT’s learning environment encourages interaction between students and lecturers. The main purpose of this method is to refine the various skills that employers value. The latest effective figures show that 91% of AUT graduates have succeeded in finding jobs or entering the next stage of further education within 6 months after graduation.

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