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French name of the school: Université de Toulouse 3-Paul Sabatier.
The school has 31987 students, 5,200 continuing education students and 1,500 administrative and technical library staff. The school has 99 research teams, 86% of which are accredited by special qualifications; in terms of research and research practice training, the school has 9 doctoral graduate schools, with an average of 300 doctoral dissertations defended each year; 2800 published articles reviewed by the editorial review committee; 2900 Conference academic papers, abstracts, lectures; 50 academic conferences.
The campus of Toulouse III University is located in Toulouse in the southeast of France. It can be reached by bus or by bicycle along the Canal du Midi; there is a subway station named after the school near the school, Université Paul Sabatier.

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The University of Toulouse, founded in 1229, is one of the oldest universities in Europe. In 1969, when the Third University of Toulouse was established, it adopted the name of Paul Sabatier, the winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1912. Today, Paul Sabatier-Toulouse Third University (referred to as Toulouse Three) campuses throughout the South-Pyrénées region, and has a rich variety of disciplines in science, medical health, technology and sports. Educational major. In terms of scientific research activities, Toulouse III University participates in the following academic axis research activities: space, earth science, climate-computer informatics, electronics-life science-water, process engineering, chemistry-materials, material physics, aerospace technology . 

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