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        Irvine Valley College
   Location: Irvine California, Irvine, California
   Tuition: $6,692
   Transfer rate: 30.9%
   Type: Medium-sized public
   Reason for making the list: one of the safest cities in the United States, increase the admission of Los Angeles and Irvine
  According to 360, Irvine Canyon Community University is a comprehensive public community university with more than 15,000 students, more than 300 faculty members, and 27 full-time managers. There are 41 liberal arts majors, 21 science majors, and 36 vocational certificate courses. Founded in 1979, IVC is one of the best 2-year community colleges in California and the United States. Located in the heart of Southern California, it is one of the ten safest cities in the United States. The school has 13,000 students, and its annual transfer rate ranks first in Orange Country in Orange County and seventh in California. The school is known for its excellent faculty and elaborate curriculum, and it is second to none in helping students enter top universities. The ever-improving IVC provides students with a convenient location, small classes, colorful campus life, excellent academic reputation, diverse student groups, and its comprehensive service projects. IVC ad hoc study centers are designed to help students prepare to advance from a community college to their ideal 4-year college or university. In addition, the school provides students with a variety of professional courses to lay a preliminary foundation for the basic skills needed for future employment. The school's geographical location is superior and the climate is pleasant. Irvine is located between San Diego and Los Angeles. It has both advantages. Irvine has always been regarded as one of the top ten safest cities. The school imparts creative guidance to students, and strictly requires students with standards to lay a preliminary foundation for students' future career success.
   The Irvine Canyon Community University in the United States has the high-tech education standards of the highest quality community college in Southern California. The school is located in the center of the local high-tech industry. It has always been renowned for its complete equipment, high-tech learning centers and laboratories. The school has excellent teacher qualifications. Many teachers have Ph.D. degrees from various universities in the United States or all over the world. The school adopts small class teaching, so that every student can get the teacher's attention and can communicate with the teacher at any time. In addition, the school has formed a variety of clubs, with a variety of club activities, including women’s golf, men’s volleyball, women’s badminton, men’s basketball, men’s golf, etc., which can enrich students’ extracurricular life and enable students to strengthen their physical fitness after studying.
  The school offers more than 60 majors, including literature and science economics, social sciences and technology. IVC can not only ensure that students are promoted to the University of California, Irvine campus (44th in the United States, 12 public universities), apply for UCLA has priority, and also reached agreements with other University of California campuses. The area where Irvine Community College is located is a resort, and students can enjoy a rich life.

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