How to buy Certified Treasury Professional Certificate (CTP) certificate?

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Buy CTP certificate online, Comparing with CFA, CFP, ACCA and CPA, CTP is really not difficult.  How to buy Certified Treasury Professional Certificate (CTP) certificate? At least for me, who has been engaged in credit work for many years and has been in charge of the same trade and investment business, a lot of content just helps me to reorganize the system and fill in the gaps. But for the financial work of enterprises without any experience, the content is quite complicated. For the large part, the long-term and short-term investment and financing, money market, capital market, the supervision environment of the same industry and the relationship between the same industry, the system of payment and settlement, cash management and revenue and expenditure, working capital management, financial policy management, operational risk and financial risk of enterprises, financial budget, accounting, etc. Accounts, cash forecasting, computerized accounting and e-commerce, buy fake degree online,buy diploma in Canada, these contents are distributed in various departments of enterprise finance, but also need a considerable scale of group headquarters to have such a full range of business, ordinary people are difficult to learn through work, these courses are very practical, work-study verification is the best way. 4. Is CTP training difficult or not? The CTP study organized by the Finance Association is too difficult. It takes less than eight days to finish so many lectures (I think it is almost the content of all the four-year professional courses of the undergraduate financial management major). In addition, it has to be practical. Combining with the market, it is more than ten hours of solid study every day. At the same time, it has to finish the PT of the last big case. It is really exhausting. Certain realm. The two teachers invited by the Finance Association are Nankai and Renmin University. The most important thing to listen to the finance and economics course is grounding gas. Adam Smith can neither listen nor solve the problem. Both teachers are very familiar with the market. The course sounds quite addictive. Fifth, do you want to take CTP? There is a final exam before the end of CTP training organized by the Financial Association, but if you want to get the certificate of the American AFP Association, you have to take an American unified exam. This exam started in China for a short time, and 8,000 people nationwide got the certificate. The exam is in Chinese and 170 objective questions are answered correctly, even if you pass 120-130 questions. 。 I personally think that if the future job-hunting certificate is more important, you can take an examination of 800 pages of textbooks, graduates of finance-related majors or above, have two or three weeks of review time, how can you pass it? If you want to apply in the work, you can't take the exam in two ways. CTP is just a map for you to start the enterprise's financial work. What problem do you want to work on, you still have to work hard on it. After class.

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