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 fake Université Sorbonne Nouvelle - Paris 3 diploma
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The third university was founded in 1970, formerly known as the University of liberal arts, and in 1971 it adopted the name of "Sorbonne Nouvelle" to show its historical foundation in the Latin American region and its mission of extensive innovation in the field of higher education and research in universities. At the same time, the three largest universities also form Sorbonne Paris Cit e alliance with eight universities and five research institutes. Among the 13 public universities, third are famous for their language and film art disciplines. The new Sorbonne - third University (now referred to as the third University) currently has 17873 students (including 5000 foreign students), 680 teachers, 670 administrative and librarians. The number of students enrolled in schools: 17873 foreign students or the ratio of 5000 people: the nature and types of diplomas: Bachelor / Master / doctorate Specialty: Conference translation master degree (Master Professionnel: Interpr tation de conf e rence) is a very professional diploma in the three major higher translation Colleges (ESIT), with high admission requirements, besides native language, it is also extremely important. With a good command of 2-3 foreign languages, its graduates can perform simultaneous interpretation in large international conferences.

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